Happy Birthday Baby Sister

My Baby Sister Karina

I call her my baby sister yet she just turned 24, I just want to say that I love her dearly and that she completes my life, this summer we got to spend a lot of time together and I have to say that she has turned into a beautiful woman and I’m very lucky that she’s in my life. Love you Baby

d2044-1020601_10201133838044038_294052055_oWe will never forget this day, we were enjoying the Miami ocean, laughing about life and suddenly we heard this woman cry for help ayuda ayuda! (help help) our first reaction was to go to her but then, the three of us couldn’t move, it seemed we were all trapped in one of those riptides, we looked around for help, and nothing. My sister and I realized we were in serious trouble and needed to get help, we were getting exhausted and not moving at all, Karina let go of the woman’s arm and went to get help, as soon as she let go, the woman pushed me down as she was in survival mode, suddenly, I found myself fighting for my own life, a few seconds later my sister came back with a gentleman who got us out to safety. If it wasn’t for my sister’s quick thinking maybe I would’t be telling this story today.

b6e86-1229506_10201103135276488_175376741_oI’ll never forget the summer of 2013, my sister stayed one month and she helped me say goodbye to Florida, we went to all my favorite places, visited new ones and she was there  when I needed her the most.

Our trip to Washing D.C. 01-07-2014 my sister had just returned from her trip to London and one hour later we were on our way to Washing D.C. she was jet lagged, tired and sick, but she never complained about anything, me on the other hand? well let’s just say that everybody knew/knows how much I dislike winter. We had so much clothes on, we could barely move hahaha.


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