Washington D.C. and Polar Vortex

During our trip to New Jersey and New York we decided to visit Washington D.C. My hubby loves history and I thought we took the opportunity to learn more about the history of the United States, after all, it was part of my history and after my moved to France I’ve never felt so American which was a little bit shocking! You see, when I lived in the Unites States I think most people assumed I was not American, I guess because of my Spanish accent or maybe my mestizo skin and dark hair which I’m very happy to have, I love the fact that I look like I come from a different place in the world and honestly by now most people that live in the Unite States come from a different country and that is one of the things that I love the most from my beautiful United States.

People who were curious or I guess because most of us come from a different place would ask me about my nationality, the question was something like this “Where are you originally from? ” and my answer was always “I’m originally from Ecuador” end of story right? I thought so too but then I moved to France and I realized I was now Ecuadorian but also American I spoke two languages (btw I’m still learning English so I apologize for my grammar), I knew two cultures, I liked ketchup, peanut butter, I love brunch (I still can’t understand why the French don’t brunch) I love Thanksgiving, Halloween, Independence Day,  coffee, The Oscars,  But I also love my Spanish food, celebrating Christmas the 24th of December not the 25th, dancing to Spanish music,  Latin music, Spanglish, my mom’s barbecue, my family values and my traditions, in other words I love my two cultures and now I’m learning to love a third culture.

As a new transplant to France people are curious to know about my history and where I’m from, they pretty much ask the same question and here is where the answer gets complicated, at the beginning I would just say “I’m from Ecuador” but it didn’t feel right, it felt incomplete so I would say “I was born in Ecuador and moved to the Unites States when I was 14” but it felt too long, too much explaining and one day I simply said “I’m Ecuadorian American, was born in Ecuador and grew up in the Unites States and that’ss why I peak two languages” at the beginning I was really having a hard time, honestly when I lived in the Unites States I never felt American, It was only when I moved to France that I realized I was more American than I thought, it all came clear to me when one day I was asked “Are you American or Hispanic” and my answer was “I am not one or the other, I am BOTH”

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