Let’s go to the Beach

We had the most amazing weather this weekend and we took a little road trip to Le Crotoy in the Somme department of Picardy, a small cute town about one hour from our home. Before we could say no, Tosca our dog jumped in the car and came along for the ride, from the pictures you can see she had a lot of fun running around like a crazy dog, at one point she couldn’t even hear us or see us that my hubby had to run after her when we realized she was going back to the car (most likely the wrong car) 
Simple moments like this make me happy, beautiful weather, Tosca smelling everything and running around getting lost, my husband chasing after her (because he never learns his lesson) and me, well I jus like to take pictures of pretty days, pretty sunsets and pretty things.

Hubby: Please stay close to us ok?
Tosca: Yeah I don’t think so…

ImageImage ImageTime to play.


Benoît can never take this ritual picture of me hahaha.. I have like fifty times for a good photo, he either takes the photo too soon or too late, but I’m happy that he does it and most importantly that he enjoys it.Image


 50 shots later and finally a good photo ok maybe 10 shots.



After all that running and jumping around we went to another town within Somme department of Picardy called Saint Valery-sur-Somme voted one of the most delightful holiday designations in Northern France and I totally agree, this is such a lovely place with so much history and only a 10 minute drive from Plage Du Crotoy, every time I visit I fall in love with this place more and more.

We made our way to a restaurant called La Terrace and as much as I love food and restaurants I totally dislike looking at menus, they just make me dizzy and confused with so many choices that I want to taste everything and it doesn’t help that now the menus come in French. Sometimes I let my husband pick for me…ok ok… most of the time, after all we both like/love food and I always like what he picks for me, but this time I was craving a juicy Burger yes I know, but every now and then I have my cravings for American food, I did however let Benoît go crazy with the appetizer and so he ordered fried éperlan (smelt) It was my first time eating this little fish and it was actually pretty good or like the French say “C’est bon ça”



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