Galo Romain de Vendeuil Caply & Le Musée Archéologique de L’Oise



IMG_9920 DSC03451DSC03459DSC03460

Once, seating for thousands, today two people take a sweet nap.



Le Théâtre antiqua de Vendeuil-Caply is an ancient and I mean ancient Roman monument located in Valley-Caply in the Picardie region dated to the quarter of the first century AD, this beautiful theater was excavated in 1956, it took about 30 years to uncovered this treasure and a museum was opened to the public in 2011 with other findings including a stone from our village of Villers-Tournelle. IMG_9957

Le Musée Archéologique de L’Oise 


This stone was found in our village of Villers-Tournelle. IMG_9940 IMG_9944

Roger Agache was known as the deceptive of the sky and he discovered many sites of the Gallo-Roman cityDSC03464IMG_9947


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