The French sure know how to treat a girl

The French sure know how to treat a girl, first is the champagne, then the apéritif, after a fancy liquor, main dish, cheese, dessert an expresso or tea, I’m sure I forgot something but you catch my drift. Now! how will I ever be able to have a regular lunch again? I don’t know, but somebody better offer me a glass of good wine.

Los franceses sí que sabes cómo tratar a uno, primero es el champán, el aperitivo, después un licor de lujo, plato principal, queso, postre un expreso o un té, estoy seguro de que me olvidé de algo, pero entiendes lo que digo. Ahora me pregunto cómo voy a ser capaz de simplemente tener un almuerzo normal? La verdad no sé, pero alguien mas vale me brinde al menos una copa de buen vino.

I was having such a good time that I totally forgot to take a photo of the food like I usually do but believe it was that good.


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