Inside Mont Saint Michele 02.13.2015

Mont Saint Michel is one of the most recognizable places in France and a UNESCO World Heritage site, but for me Mont Saint Michele holds another meaning and now even more. I’ve been wanting to come here ever since my best friend showed me photos of her 3 week trip to Europe, I never imagined her trip to Europe would forever change my life and that I would visit this place just 3 years later on Valentine’s weekend and better yet with my husband, but enough about I was saying MSM one of the most recognizable places and most visited places in France but not on Friday, February 13th 2015 get it Friday 13th !!!

On our way to MSM the weather didn’t look so good, but we kept driving hoping the weather guy was wrong. As we got closer to Mont Saint Michele the rain didn’t stop, it was dark and the day didn’t look promising. As we got closer to MSM, she looked scary and intimidating, the dark clouds and rain made a strange effect on MSM and this certainly was not how I imagined my first visit to MSN would be… and so we decided to continue our trip west and comeback to MSM another day perhaps on our way back north or so we thought.

We drove in silence feeling defeated by Brittany’s rainy weather, when suddenly just thirty minutes into our drive the rain stopped, the sun came out, the sky was clear and our adventurous spirit was awoken by the sudden weather change and so we decided to drive back to MSM and I’m so happy we did.

Apparently we and another small group of tourist went back to MSM and we had Mont Saint Michele pretty much all to ourselves (did I mentioned MSM is one of the most visited place in France) and here we were just the two of us, well maybe the 20 of us but MSM is big enough for everybody to get get lost.

From what you will see in my photos, or should I say not see, are tourists, I felt very lucky to be able to experience MSM like this. At times I even felt afraid, as if the statues were watching me, I felt the walls could read my thoughts, and sometimes I felt guilty about taking pictures but how could I resit.

UntitledUntitled Untitled Mont Saint-Michel has a garden in the cloister which was circled by a ornate arcade. Untitledpair4UntitledUntitledpr2 Abbey Church was originally built in the 11th century in a Romanesque style UntitledUntitled A lovely medieval Madonna and Child below. Untitled Untitled The Abbot’s rooms and private chapel pr7Untitledpr1Untitled DSC08437
Untitled DSC08406 Untitled pair2 DSC08423 pr6DSC08438DSC08412


[url=][img][/img][/url][url=]Pair5[/url] by [url=]pachi.hurt[/url], on Flickr


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